Our Tradition

Since its establishment, Financika has been providing integrated online trading services to customers all over the world.

Clients of Financika have the opportunity to choose from the most traded financial products on the global markets: currencies (US dollar, Japanese Yen, European Euro etc.) commodities (gold, silver, crude oil), indices (CAC 40, DOW JONES, NASDAQ) and stocks (Apple, eBay, Google) .

Financika clients include experience traders and beginners with no trading knowledge. Financika provides profit opportunities suitable for any type of trader.

Online trading services at Financika

From all-inclusive beginner’s education to the most innovative online trading technology, Financika provides clients a full range of online trading services they need in order to invest online. Additionally, traders are offered the full time support of a personal account manager, whose job is to coach and help them invest in the global markets.

All-inclusive education for beginners

No matter the education background or experience in investing, anyone can start trading with Financika. Beginning traders are provided with a full education package, which includes individual training session, video tutorials and pdf eBook.

Advanced traders have the opportunity to expand their knowledge by using our free advanced education.

Professional trading tools

For its clients, Financika offers a wide range of professional trading tools, including daily analysis and free market updates. These tools will help traders make better investing decisions that can bring bigger profits, by keeping them informed and updated.