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From basic terms to advanced strategies and techniques, at the Online Trading Academy every trader will learn how to start trading.

Basic Trading Terms 

Provides an outline of basic online market concepts and terms used in trading.

Market Fundamentals

Gives traders information about the factors that influence the price movements in the foreign exchange market.

Placing orders 

Beginner traders can learn the different types of orders and when and how to use each one of them.

Fundamental vs Technical Analysis 

Successful online trading requires knowledge and understanding of the most important analysis used.

Technical Analysis: Charts 

Technical analysis is one of the most commonly used tools when trading the online markets. It involves the use of different types of charts.

Reading Charts

When trading the online markets, participants use charts to make better decisions. It is important for every trader to know how to read and understand charts.

The Use of Trends 

A trend represents the general direction in which a security or market is headed. It is a very useful tool for every trader.

Moving Averages

Provides important information about what moving averages are and how they are used.


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