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Why Financika

Financika's clients include experienced traders and beginners with no trading knowledge. Financika provides profit opportunities suitable for any type of trader.

Here are some reasons why you should choose Financika as your broker:

1. Online trading services at Financika

From beginner’s education to the most innovative online trading technology, Financika provides clients a full range of online trading services they need in order to invest online. Additionally, traders are offered the full time support of a personal account manager, whose job is to coach and help them invest in the global markets.

2. All-inclusive education for beginners 

No matter the education background or experience in investing, anyone can start trading with Financika. Beginning traders are provided with a full education package, which includes individual training sessiona, video tutorials and a pdf eBook.

Advanced traders have the opportunity to expand their knowledge by using our free advanced education.

3. Professional trading tools 

For its clients, Financika offers a wide range of professional trading tools, including daily analysis and free market updates. These tools will help traders make better investing decisions that can bring bigger profits, by keeping them informed and updated.

4. 100% Investment insurance

Financika’s new traders receive protection on their first 5 trades. What this means is that any losses suffered by the client are covered by Financika, allowing the trader a second opportunity to earn a profit. This insurance is in place to help beginner traders, who are bound to make some mistakes on their way to learning how to trade. The 5 protected positions are designed to help traders test the waters in a safe trading environment. This investment insurance is subject to the Terms and Conditions of the promotion.

5. Weekly bonuses

Financika's clients are entitled to receiving fantastic weekly bonuses. The amount and type of the bonuses varies. The bonuses' purpose is to help active traders get a better trading experience and to boost their profit potential.

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Our apologies, but we cannot serve clients from this country at this time.